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About this winding ladder

A thin but high-strength structure is constructed through the succinct lines of the steel plate. In addition to greatly increasing the lighting in the centre of the building, the communication between the floors is also closer. The floors are no longer independent and unrelated individuals, and the vertical route lines effectively inlay the horizontal space tightly.

​The vertical route that plays a vital role in the entire space has been compressed in the narrow staircases. After reconfiguration, the "stairs" that are not related to the living spaces on each floor are transformed into those that embrace the patio and let the sunshine. 

​The space boundary between the floors is blurred on each floor. In addition to the path leading to each floor, it can also be the stopping point of family members and visitors in the open space.

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The wooden house group that has been standing in the forest for nearly thirty years has gone over time, and the space configuration planning and the age limit of the building materials are facing the time of replacement. This time we chose the largest type of wooden house-building of the group. The room type is reorganized according to the new internal spatial logic. The restrictions on the structure and layout of wooden houses have also become one of the main issues of design planning. How to reshape the imagination of a lifestyle and form within the established architectural framework is the key point of the design team.

In the original space, the building rarely brings natural light in, and the surrounding environment is not strongly connected to the indoor space. Therefore, more architectural openings that bring in natural light have been added to the new renovation plan. Looking up inside, you can even see the green leaves on the skylight; and the logic of the space has been changed from the economical design logic that originally required more guests to accommodate, to the vacation and leisure logic that can occur the most life possible, from the original pure bedroom configuration to a more residential The modernized living room space makes the space no longer only provide users with the function of sleeping, but to a certain extent can provide the function of extending daily life.

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"Out of the subway station, through the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, the small garden in front of the church also put a small Christmas market, 30 kilograms of luggage slide on the ground made by blocks of 5 cm square stone on the road and make the clatter noise, I drag It through the crowded market, the winter of December, people used to buy a cup of mulled wine to warm body, suddenly I get to the stage behind the market, the actors dressed as an angel and demon  are hard to perform, The poetic song echoed in the first night of Prague.


The host Aaron walks down from the aged apartment to meet me, it is built on a slope of a row of apartments, in one of the tall wooden doors opened, which stopped an Opel car. The stairs are located behind the right-hand side door, a bit like an early apartment in Taiwan, along with the scissors staircase, the section of staircase opened windows, each floor of the two Side is home."

How human ideas, has been the development of human civilization from word of mouth to the historical record of the narrative, and the literary imagination, human world often beyond the actual discussion, we are convinced that this is also a human civilized reason why higher than other species, imagination.

Science fiction is the product of human knowledge and imagination, he not only has humanity been worship of science and technology but also to reflect on human development and, more importantly, it combines been scientific knowledge of mankind, so that even humans clues Construction science fiction world.

By trying to construct an image and model ways to convey the human imagination of the world, taken from JG. Ballard short story, establishing fictitious scenario building to blend in among the civilized image of modern society, to convey the human reality once over imagine the possibilities.

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