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Atayal resort wooden house renovation

project: CH-C20180309

designer: Jevons W.

location: Nantou,Taiwan

area: 60 square meter(20p)/per unit







The wooden house group that has been standing in the forest for nearly thirty years has gone over time, and the space configuration planning and the age limit of the building materials are facing the time of replacement. This time we chose the largest type of wooden house-building of the group. The room type is reorganized according to the new internal spatial logic. The restrictions on the structure and layout of wooden houses have also become one of the main issues of design planning. How to reshape the imagination of a lifestyle and form within the established architectural framework is the key point of the design team.


In the original space, the building rarely brings natural light in, and the surrounding environment is not strongly connected to the indoor space. Therefore, more architectural openings that bring in natural light have been added to the new renovation plan. Looking up inside, you can even see the green leaves on the skylight; and the logic of the space has been changed from the economical design logic that originally required more guests to accommodate, to the vacation and leisure logic that can occur the most life possible, from the original pure bedroom configuration to a more residential The modernized living room space makes the space no longer only provide users with the function of sleeping, but to a certain extent can provide the function of extending daily life.

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