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Sat. December 10

"Out of the subway station, through the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, the small garden in front of the church also put a small Christmas market, 30 kilograms of luggage slide on the ground made by blocks of 5 cm square stone on the road and make the clatter noise, I drag It through the crowded market, the winter of December, people used to buy a cup of mulled wine to warm body, suddenly I get to the stage behind the market, the actors dressed as an angel and demon  are hard to perform, The poetic song echoed in the first night of Prague.

The host Aaron walks down from the aged apartment to meet me, it is built on a slope of a row of apartments, in one of the tall wooden doors opened, which stopped an Opel car. The stairs are located behind the right-hand side door, a bit like an early apartment in Taiwan, along with the scissors staircase, the section of staircase opened windows, each floor of the two Side is home."

Filmed by Chienhwan

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