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Terminal Beach

Imagination and Reality


How human ideas, has been the development of human civilization from word of mouth to the historical record of the narrative, and the literary imagination, human world often beyond the actual discussion, we are convinced that this is also a human civilized reason why higher than other species, imagination.

Science fiction is the product of human knowledge and imagination, he not only has humanity been worship of science and technology but also to reflect on human development and, more importantly, it combines been scientific knowledge of mankind, so that even humans clues Construction science fiction world.

By trying to construct an image and model ways to convey the human imagination of the world, taken from JG. Ballard short story, establishing fictitious scenario building to blend in among the civilized image of modern society, to convey the human reality once over imagine the possibilities.

1.What the actual conditions is for the human’s imagination with creativity to build on?

2.How the  fictional literary scene build space concept in human thinking ?

3.How to depict abstract environment that exclude real world?

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Significance and Contribution


“Our over-mechanized age underestimates ‘the irrational imagination’, which appears to be impractical, but is nonetheless fundamental to all these discoveries.” ---- Salvador Dali


Today’s society scientific rationality and logic of language concept are promoted to a terrible height, human deeply rules by calculated distinguish instrumental, rationality and empirical evidence era utility and scientism, so people can only see, hear and feel they know things. Surrealism committed to exploring the transcendental dimension of human experience and strive to break through the logical and true view of reality, trying to blend reality concept and instinct, subconscious and experience of the dream to demonstrate an absolute or transcendent real scenario.


The story called "The Terminal Beach", established on the imaginary beachside, first at all I search seacoast around Kent where they called the guardian of England(Roy D. Ingleton,2012), capture image and video clip around shore, tried to translate it to abstract graphics and object, make it solid create the rough shape of imagine like a dream thought.

Design Proposal

The dream is the most direct way to connect subconscious , dream content can be very ordinary , normal , may also be extremely surreal style. Dreams can have a variety of topics , including fear , excitement, magic , depression , adventure, or sex . Event occurs in the dream are not subject to the control of the dreamer , unless it is in a lucid dream, the dreamer will have self-awareness. (Jordan Lite, 2010)

Try Deconstruction subconscious dream surreal picture, and its elements a replica of the human dream surreal abstract scenes , through real-world appearance , to predict its possible appearance in the subconscious , just as in real life appear one-sided the picture has the impression , and the dreamer ‘s own thinking to fill the gap outside the image , which will produce the same results on the image thing only sided with the real world, the same as in the imagination , and the rest will be part unknown to the dreamer by their experience and knowledge to be filled, thus the formation of surreal images and even three-dimensional space

Through the landscape, feature records the faces and the recombinant constructs an abstract model of a fictional field to science fiction as a blueprint depicting The terminal beach , text narrative visual space , while immersion in a fictional way to achieve behavior scene activities.

The projection of motion image project the real world in a variety of three-dimensional abstract objects , these objects will not be entirely logical-physical world , more accurately said that these items will be designed to directly reflect the story depicted in the environment , and through the image of the real world but also as a connecting bridge between reality and imagination .

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Key technological outcomes of proposal

Creating a literary space of the case , the creation of an actual exploration of space through the text of the scene described , and by creating a virtual reality space , so surreal visual images can be like a dream-like is actually created and with a more Interpretation of the way so that audience can be caught in which, in addition to landscape mode scanning according to actual construction of the reality outside the scene , but also to combine 3D models and images collages and other digital data to create a fusion in the sense of reality and imagination of space design work, or may be deemed to have been human imagination from the abstract world of the conversion expression plane becomes further depict with a sense of space .

folkeston3 地圖.jpg
folkeston2 地圖.jpg
folkeston1 地圖.jpg
warden1 地圖.jpg
warden2 地圖.jpg
ramsgate 地圖.jpg

Design Methodologies


At first, I am looking for some method can precise depict abstract imagination, the way you can really feel a part of it, like dreaming experience, the effective way today is using virtual reality system for audience make it as possible as feel real by virtual environment, fortunately, the development of VR(virtual reality) has become mature and widespread.
From the technical point of view, the virtual reality system has these three following characteristics: immersion, interaction, imagination, which emphasizes the role of human leading of the virtual reality. In the past, people can only observation the results of process from the external of computer system, improve to that people can immerse into the environment established by the computer. Before, human can only interactive with computer through the keyboard, present, people can interactive by various environment sensors with multi dimension information environment; from calculate the quantitative results to integrate qualitative and quantitative integrated environment.

Critical Design Elements

1. Science fiction background
2. Shape, image and colour from the real world
3. The abstract environment that related to human knowledge 
4. An environment can be explored by human self-conscious

2016-08-05 17.58.17.jpg

Prototyping and testing


Looking for the object from the particular place that can correspond background description and transform it and make it abstract but still can be recognized. By investigating the landscape of beach of Kent, I collect various image and video to hunt for the characteristic object, at last, I collect some fortress artificial structure, this kind of object with an unnatural shape and easy to be impressive if people see it in the environment around it.

First, I capture the shape from the image I shoot, keep the feature of the image and rebuild to a different solid, make it look similar but not exactly same.

And I have to deconstruct and restructure the scene, keep the elements from design concept include real-world object and real-world environment, and I also need to plan the explore route with these elements.
In addition to, for increasing the relative of the real world, trying to projecting the video image which I capture from investigation to these independent object, as a result, these exact real-world video image can display in a virtual environment with an abstract frame that transforms from the real-world structure.

I create four different prototype scene with different explore route and different environment layout.

Prototype 1- cycle

Prototype 2- straight

Prototype 3- arc

Prototype 4- landscape

Each scene with simulation dynamic ocean and sky, I use Suimono Water system and Tenkoku Dynamic Sky by Tanuki Digital in unity to create virtual reality space. Otherwise using sketch up software build model and import to Keyshot for rendering and create part of animation.

2016-07-07 18.50.55.jpg
2016-07-07 18.50.45.jpg


Use radition circle to be shape



Use straight to be the shape



Use arc to be shape

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