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project: CH-C001

designer: Jevons W.

location: Taiwan

area: 52.8 square meter(16p)

material:  bolon floor, laminates, MDF, metal, cement brick, moru glass 

c_Photo - 5.jpg


另一側對外的窗則完全保留,好在這座落都市山坡上的建築還看得到些許的窗景和綠意,長向剖立面上用亞光低彩度的深綠弧形造型板貫穿空間,亮金色的金屬配件充斥在燈具、開關、壁飾、掛飾之間,弧形切割的條紋玻璃插入白色的弧形量體立面上,嘗試用art deco的手法來隱喻這會是個永遠停留在流金歲月來孕育發想設計的工作基地。


The narrow space is pure and simple. It is the work studio for four to five people, and all the windows facing the internal public space of the building are enclosed, leaving the office space undisturbed, and also keeping the window display like a frame of art.

The external windows on the other side are completely preserved in this case. Fortunately, the building on the hillside of the city still has a little window view and greenery. The long-section facade uses a dark green painted arc-shaped MDF panel with a matt and low chroma throughout the space. Bright gold metal material are display between lamps, switches, wall decorations, and hanging decorations. The arc-cut moru glass is inserted into the white arc-shaped facade. Try to metaphor by art deco style this will be the design work space where forever staying in the golden years to nurture and create design work.

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