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Through the music box theory to build an instrument that with three track and four different type sound tone and available to rearrange each tone object to reach the purpose for user operation.
The model creates a fixed rule (the tone of each object unit) and supplies the operation ability to the user that can rearrange every object by themselves.
But because the fixed rule, the system still can make sure the result of user operation is under control and logically.
This situation creates an environment of conversation between art piece and audience, audience "talk" and input message by change the arrange of tone object, the system can according to the arrange to respond different sound to the user.

2016-01-14 16.51.11.jpg
2016-01-15 16.29.04.jpg
2016-01-14 16.50.43.jpg
2016-01-15 16.29.00.jpg
2016-01-22 09.39.03.jpg
2016-01-22 09.39.23.jpg
2016-01-22 09.37.56.jpg
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