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project: Tranquil Mist | 靜嵐  CH-R20210328
designer: Jevons W.
location: Taichung, Taiwan
area: 90 square meters
material: Bolon rugs, tiles, laminates, , glass brick
photography: Jevons W.




Crafting the Ideal Abode for a Retired Couple

As a retired couple in their late seventies transition into a new phase of life, their circumstances have vastly changed from their younger years. With their children having grown up and moved out, the bustling household they once knew has quieted. What they now seek is a warm, comfortable home that reflects their current lifestyle, ready to embrace this new chapter.




Adapting to the Passage of Time: Rethinking Space

Each person's life journeys through different stages, each requiring corresponding adjustments and adaptations. As the retired couple enters an empty nest phase, the sanctuary they once built for their family no longer fits their current needs. Traditional residential layouts fail to accommodate their lifestyle, and an emphasis on numerous independent rooms often results in wasted space. Thus, we reconsidered their living arrangements, starting with the spatial layout, to find a design that suits their needs.

1.分離式主臥: 我們提出了分離式主臥的概念,專為老年夫妻的生活習慣量身打造。在這種設計下,兩人可以在保持空間獨立性的同時,又能保持空間的通透感。當需要隔離的時候,可以輕易地關閉拉門,保持獨立性,同時也保留了動線的便利。

Separate Master Bedrooms: We introduced the concept of separate master bedrooms tailored to the habits of elderly couples. In this design, couples can maintain spatial independence while preserving openness. When privacy is needed, they can easily close the sliding doors, maintaining autonomy while retaining ease of movement.

2.開放式出入口設計: 我們用頂天立地的出入口設計,無論門是開啟還是關閉,都能夠合理的使用空間。這樣的設計增加了空間的連貫性,同時也減少了空間不足所帶來的壓迫感,讓整個空間更加開闊和通透。

Open Entrance Design: We opted for ceiling-to-floor entrance designs, ensuring optimal space utilization whether the doors are open or closed. This design enhances spatial coherence while alleviating any sense of confinement due to space constraints, creating a more expansive and airy environment.


3.燈光與天花板的結合: 我們將照明燈具與天花板結合在一起,希望將空間的主角留給未來的使用者。通過這樣的設計,我們避免了過度突出的燈具造型,讓整個空間更加和諧自然。

Integration of Lighting and Ceiling: We integrated lighting fixtures with the ceiling to leave the space uncluttered for future occupants. This design approach avoids overly prominent light fixture designs, promoting harmony and naturalness throughout the space.





Redefining Spatial Layout and Material Selection

We reorganized the existing layout to allow ample light into the interior, brightening the entire space. Apart from the master bedroom, other rooms utilize translucent partitions to ensure adequate natural light.

In material selection, we prioritized soft, light gray tones to create a warm and layered space. The use of dark, woven carpets on the floor enhances comfort and warmth in addition to being easy to clean.

Through this design, we prioritize the behavioral needs of the retired couple, crafting a comfortable and suitable dwelling that allows them to enjoy a beautiful life in their golden years.

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