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The original space conditions?


The building is an art centre, located in Shenzhen, China, because the arts centre is intended to relocate to the local group plans turned the building into a composite commercial public space.

The original space is similar campus space, by few separate enclosed space units, with corridor and courtyard patio, the building as well as more than half of which can accommodate 600 people theatre use.

But this space patterns and configurations are not conducive to the future development of the business use,

Therefore, we first construct the original preliminary architectural models, we expect to go into space and arrangement of their qualitative relationship building in the body, as the basis for the next space is divided.

Flickr - 立體分區

How to re-divide the space?


After discussions with the owners, the spatial plan into seven categories and think about its importance and should be placed on how the route order, and at the same time thinking well defined physical space segment, while the re-planning meet the space requirements of route allocation, which distinguish the work freight elevators, passenger elevators, passenger stairs route.

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Redefine the entrance?


Redefine the Entrance on the ground floor and the space on each floor qualitative also re planning to match future space requirements. For different functional space on the ground floor, with consideration of the spatial characteristics of the need for a separate entrance, planning an main entrance into the building (gate1), with the two entrance can enter into the independent space can also be used as external entrance (gate2 gate3), and three well-defined entrance into the specific space (gate4 gate5 gate7).

Flickr - 概念發想2

How to reassign existing building skin to design new images?


As a cultural and creative space for the call of the compound, we expect the material surface, the appearance can be difference with traditional architectural sheet metal, at least we can make change possible under the standard specification.

Therefore, we first divided into three facing facades, are attached with "culture, information, rational," "natural, land, sensual," "air, light, relax," three concepts.

For the interior layout can be a continuation of the idea of the building facade?


In the interior, we also want to import the concept of the facade of a large-scale appearance, so the ceiling of the old theatre (after planning for the bookstore), set up a plant raw walls and the roof just above the lighting by open, interior space is allowed introduction of more natural light and greenery in a single space.

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