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What's the concept of open space?


At that time when idea step thinking how can we meet the needs of the owner's dining seats, temporary stage for performances, but do not just become a ready-made furnishings with it? After all, is a semi-outdoor space, and not quite have the amount of body design shape in space. So I designed a float from the ground elevation constant amount of body, it seems like one-piece moulded body along with the amount of ground, the stair, the stage, the size of the desktop, just like a blueprint for the city to narrow the landscape in general.

How to decide each elevation after that concept project?

Of course, after the required number of seats and the route into account, I do not want an absolutely symmetrical design, as it has with the surrounding surface integrally molded inlay design hopes to show the amount of body towards organic flow, so I deliberately create a continuous rise in the general direction of the amount of body from low to high from ± 0,15cm, 30cm, 45cm, 75cm to 150cm, which according to the height of the different shaped by a syair, stage, chairs, table, bar, etc. function.

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