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The original design concept?

This is an office space built in a corner of the existing marble factory, in order to comply the building height allowed to be controlled under the original plant building height, so make the most use of digging down to the bottom to get more building height. It is the building amount mosaic in the existing building of body, so we hope to have the regular pattern of lithe on the appearance, so the use of the concept of folding, the body can make new buildings orderly stack up while covering one by one functional space box..

Flickr - 摺疊示意

How to make sense of the basement has a transparent ground floor?


We do not completely fill the excavated as the interior space. Instead, set aside a third of the space is completely transparent to allow light and air to air flow.

Flickr - 戶外路徑示意

The idea of the moving route of the entrance?


The new building share the main entrance (picture on the left direction)with original factory, and in order to allow the future route of the office for personnel and vehicles can be separated with route for the plant, and hope people can be forced into the office after pass the landscaping area to enter the building as a precipitate mood ceremony is about to begin a day's work, we use the concept of a large courtyard house, let's the route roundabout moderately, entering the bridge from the first floor down into the water features, and then turning to bypass more than half the amount of body building and up into the building, just like across a garden first before entering the building. .

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Indoor moving line plan?


Taking into consideration the different needs of different users in the space, we assume that the route inside the building with three different route behaviour for different walking goal, were the main route, work and leisure routes, allowing users to maximize the use of space and let each spatial configurations with rationality.

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The relationship between the building and the natural elements?


Probably because it is a marble factory, we subconsciously wanted to make the space into a little 'soft' stuff, to neutralize the hard impression of stone, except at outdoor design green belt, also joined the flow of blue with a waterfalls through, so that make the entire space more fresh water flowing through.

In addition, the sunshine, the lighting, the air flow of the building have since stepped architectural design and focus on the centre of the building body.

Flickr - 光照
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Flickr - 空氣流動截面4
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