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Jitterbug Topology

Jitterbug Topolog

Fri. Auguster 26

In every design, there is always a specific explanation and understanding according to it’s own functionality. In a structure design, methods of creation are different from one another, understanding and a precise calculation is the main majority of success. Jitterbug is a continuum of triangle or square shaped planes that form into a transformation structure that occurs by movement, Jitterbug is constructed in an equilibrium method so that each side remains equal to maintain its stability during changes.

  “Design is a behaviour, not a department.”

This structure is to epitomize the modernist ethos and is greatly adequate of elites in the consumer’s bewildering yet euphoric experience that is specifically presented. Typically Jitterbug are 3D shape based object, this project exposed the possibility of unfolding those discreet elements to engage with the Jitterbug possibility of topographic and changing into unfolded sheet shape.

Project by Lee Xzen Hung

Filmed by Chienhwan

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