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Is it a great try to reduce the number of rooms?


Most of the people in Taiwan like a house at less with three bedrooms, but in the lack of space conditions, insist separated out several rooms will be compressed to the quality of each space, especially the user don't need so many independent rooms will be a space waste. In this case, for example, homeowners living alone for many years, but the use of unnecessary three-bedroom, two ensuite baths and even led to each space is too small it is difficult to use, otherwise the lighting throughout the space are left to separate room, if the door close the entire interior becomes dark, so the user needs to re-examine the light in the public space, and reduce the compartment, so that the living room, dining room, kitchen, coherent, only furniture defining space, while weakening "aisle "function in the space, so the path through space, rather than a space set aside as a path to another, these changes in addition to the entire interior has lighting, but also more intense penetrating vision.

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