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How to design a project with East style garden landscaping like?

It's highly praise by world that the feature about natural landscape has been the integration of the East Building in recent years, from Japan to the Exposed Concrete building, not too complicated decoration advertised to impose on building surfaces, but with the amount of body strength its architectural vocabulary to do the interpretation.
The landscape surrounding architecture mode more often best at the Oriental landscape imagery to soften the rigid lines of the modulus; thus simplifying the decorative material on the surface but accidentally caused a building frenzy, the biggest reason is not pay more decorative architectural space, its routes, light and shadow can be the most prominent, and most of the spatial organization of the test for designer's ability and imagination, but the results are often surprising its space and natural scenery, the perfect combination of light and shadow.

About "landscape" view?

造景(means make a landscape view), can not be ignored from architectural design, "景(scene)" can be understood for the realm of beauty, also known as the scenery. Is a matter of image, body mass, gesture, sound, light, colour, fragrance and other components as well. 景 is the main of the garden, enjoy the object. The natural good fortune of natural scenery (wild scene) is not the result of human processing. Rivers, lakes, oceans, waterfalls, mountain cliffs, odd trees, sun moon, flowers and birds, snow, fog frost, are the natural landscape. The Oriental garden landscaping on vocabulary is quite exquisite, from the main scene and minor scene, suppression scene and raise scene, foreground and background, overlooking the scene and elevation scene, real and imaginary scene, and other interior and exterior with each other, and then to the changing seasons for planting gardens add to change.


Imagine for a building body of the box?

Outset were told that we needed a lightweight glass box, preferably high permeability. But there must be enough space to place the hardware equipment rack, so we tried several skeleton shape, even with a lot of structure and the relative amount of body illusion trying to get more light throughout the space visually.


The final concept of structure?

Best way to express the strength of the pattern is not building the facade, but the ratio between the number of body combinations. Return to the essential of the building, structure. Hsu Fu Chi vila at the base of the use and construction of the reflect to give a considerable degree of freedom to be able to conform to design an artificial architecture that fit natural landscape, designed from the beginning with a lot of structures idea as the main concept of the design direction , in addition to below the excavation of thinking to do a combination of 3D, so the amount of bodybuilding can be more deeply integrated into the landscape, but also to the case indispensable garden landscaping have the opportunity to take in-depth architecture.


what is the difference in design thinking between that kind single architecture space and huge building in the city?

Faced with such a huge monster as skyscrapers, we are challenged to the nature floor by floor stacked up; however, as Hsufuchi when dealing with such a low-floor hall building, we are the emotional staggered extend all possible building play.
Here plus a ladder, a light sprinkle over there, here a long wall opposite a window open, every size, every angle is from the feeling of starting, put pen to paper after rational thought, perhaps irrelevant skyscrapers superb engineering methods, but with the most creative and the most sensual prudent practices.

Not only thinking about how to outline painted abstract colours after more consider with this idea to draw what you want to add a frame. We know that life should not be wrapped in layers of buildings, even if we build it how noble nature, because only with true "Environment", our lives if they are not too distorted deformity.
So in the space, we strive to combine with the land, leaving space for air like transparent body into the building in general, this way it will be like breathing. We believe that the verb of building has been a major event, whether the user or to the land, it should be through the "build" of thinking, rather than blindly building materials.

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