project: CH-R20180108

designer: Jevons W.

location: Taiwan

area: 112 square meter(32p)

material:  tiles, laminates, wood, metal, 







make the space rational and gentle.

While maintain horizontal and vertical rigid lines on the interior facade, also try to use curvy elements on the plan layout to depict the softness of the space. and use earthy gray colors to pave the space. Separate space by lines of life behavior that can be embellished between the limits of congregate housing and the needs of users.

Embellish it with that touch of blue.

What is to be presented is not absolute black and white. The details display with inlaid with brass, so that the natural low chroma color has the ability to describe time; the softness of bar volume in the space is also cut with rigorous vertical and horizontal lines. The divisions of the materials response with each other and connect in series, so that the artificial space becomes organic and elegant.