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10th Dec.~12th Dec, 2016

Souhail's apartment is located in the alley next to the Avenue de la Toison d'Or in the Brussels-Ixelles region, with a four-meter-tall wooden door and a large glass window upon, although it is dark when I arrived  Brussels. You can still clearly see that a piece of transparent glass with the heavy dust, the stairs up are very narrow, Souhail was shocked about my heavy luggage when he holds it up for me.

"Every time I travel, I only have a little thing, like a toothbrush."

"Yes, but I do not just travel alone, I'm moving back from London, so I have to bring all my stuff"

"Oh ~ that's why"

This is not a very modern room, actually, Souhail said the house has been there for more than couple centuries, high ceiling, mottled wallpaper, exposed pipelines, with the desk side of the window opposite the elegant facade of the building. All the elements have a taste of European independent production film.

From Rue des Chevaliers to the coffee shop on the corner of Rue de Namur and Rue Brederode to eat breakfast, here is not like Taiwan has an early breakfast service that wake up before entire city, And my cough symptoms that happened from  Prague cause me  had to ask a cup of hot water so that I can have a cold & flu hot drink in the beginning of my city tour  I am not sure whether it is useful or not.

Walk along the road to the Royal Plaza is not crowd may be too early, even the car is less to through the square cycle, but the must envy thing for me is that  European city always have a beautiful end view at the end of the road The appearance of the Greek architecture, Roman, architecture, Gothic architecture appears time by time magnificently and  tell you how wonderful the city is with a very convincing expression.

Filmed by Chienhwan

Music by Julien Zèle - Le bistrot du coin (

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