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project: CH-C20220426
designer: Jevons W.
co-designer: Jill C.
location: Taiwan
area: 120 square meter(3 floors)
material: laminates, wood, spiver feel,  
photography: Jevons W.




Inject a soft curve into the regular space, and integrate the brand's product spirit through a simple plane outline.

For the colour and material plan, two different colour schemes were designed in the early planning stage: corporate colours of red and apricot and the final home temperature of cement and wood tones. The interior uses white as the connecting colour so that the wooden space is not too heavy. In addition, the curved black lacquered iron clothes rail creates a sense of fluidity in the space by modelling the streamlined body of the metal, which can also bring out the brand's texture.

室內透視圖_4 - Photo.jpg
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